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What not to focus on when interviewed for a job

If you’ve never interviewed someone for a job, there’s a good chance you focus on the wrong thing as a candidate.

One of the common issues I see with candidates, especially less experienced ones, is the amount of focus put on their deficiencies, issues, or characteristics that they’re worried might make them less fitting for a certain job posting. Knowing how to focus on the right thing when presenting yourself will be the key for getting further in the interviewing process and nailing that job you are really after.

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Management Skill Series – Performance Review Frequency

This is the fourth in a series of posts discussing management skills. If you haven’t already, please refer to the introduction first.

This topic of Performance Reviews will have several articles discussing several aspects of the process. The previous article in the series introduced the benefits and pitfalls in having review sessions. This will deal with the frequency and scope of each session.

Each company may set their own standards, but it is not uncommon to have one yearly session that includes a performance review, a salary discussion, goal setting, and goal tracking. It will often happen right after the yearly budget review. My experience showed that bundling all of these issues together took away a lot of the focus. Let’s break them down.

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